Teresa's Global Travels for Fun, Family and Spirituality


My background is as a registered nurse with over 35 years of professional nursing practice. For the past 17 years I have worked in the speciality of gastroenterology, for the last 9 years as a charge nurse. I have completed a Master of Health Sciences degree, and I am on the executive of the Gastroenterology Society and the Bowel Cancer Screening taskforce. 

My interest in healing modalities began many years ago. I studied Reiki, then met BodyTalk six years ago and after attending many courses began practicing. Bodytalk enables me to integrate the experience gathered from many sources over a lifetime with a professional and very effective healing modality. It gives me much joy to share the benefits of BodyTalk with others.

I have four children, all grown up now. I have travelled extensively and have at times been active in community and sports, for example as La Leche leader and NZ Netball Umpire.

My Travel destinations always inspire me to want to travel more.  I have been to the remote mountians of India and the Hymialyas, to various Canadian, and United States of America cities for visitng friends and for work.

I have travelled through Europe to Germany, Croatia, Chech Republic, Spain and England where one of my daughters lives with my twin grandchildren.

 India holds a deep connection for me and travel there once a year at least for personal spirituality growth. 


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